Show your customers you care about them enough to engage with them and you will see your return on investment.

Those were the days, when your neighbor recommended the best local dentist over the garden fence and the local restaurant owner knew what you liked and knew your name, as you knew theirs. Then the big boys rolled in and turned the main street into what it is today a faceless barrage of global enterprises. They survived until now because a newbie in town could rely on the familiar brand to be exactly the same as it was in their home town.

But now the newbie has an ally – Social Media. They might not speak to the neighbor over the fence but they can ask the local community where’s the best place in town and boy are they willing to give the answer. Best schools, best steakhouse, best dentist, best nail salon. You go on Facebook and your friends will divulge their experiences with brutal honesty. Where’s the party at? It’s at the venue that shouted out loudest on Twitter, that’s where.

This is the core of social media. The big boys can no longer direct our collective minds to their door as they have the biggest challenge they have ever faced, it’s called a level playing field. If you are a small business not utilizing Social Media you are missing the boat big time. I challenge you to google your competitors and they will be there, and if not then holy moly why aren’t you? Beat them to it and clean up!

As a small business what are you to do? You put up a fancy website, you set up Facebook and twitter – and nothing happened you say, but nobody see’s the gorgeous party dress if you don’t join the party!

You don’t have time, your business is your focus and there aren’t enough hours in the day. Someone can sell the value of social media to you till your ears bleed but you simply aren’t going to increase your budget to employ someone to ‘play around’ on Facebook all day.

What you do is outsource. You don’t neglect the windows, the garden, the pool, but you don’t do it yourself either. For as little as $150 a month you can be provided with basic essential Social Media services. Daily Facebook updates, customer engagement and Facebook advertising -which will help you target your audience locally or globally as your business needs.

Show your customers you care about them enough to engage with them and you will see your return on investment.

We service small to medium sized businesses in Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, St Petersburg, Tampa and other Florida markets but due to our business model we can look after any business regardless of location

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