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The best of us can be vulnerable when we are out of our expertise! We all know what it feels like to be having our car serviced and just nodding in the right places as we are told which parts we need to replace, trying to look like we know what they are talking about. When let’s face it they could charge us $100 for a flux capacitor and they know it. So we just drive off with a part that will never make our car go back to 1985 when I’m sure flux capacitors were a lot cheaper!

Web design…I believe has the same connotations in the business world. We know our business needs them, we know our customer expects them and we know we are going to pay a lot of money not knowing exactly what for.

Many companies have beautiful websites. User friendly with the right brand identity. You know, you probably have one, were proud of it, but paid a lot of money for something that doesn’t give you much return on investment. It’s still there looking wonderful, many existing customers see it and some are directed by your business card to it, but all in all it’s gathering dust, like a pultzier prize winner in a library. Why?

Well, in a library a book can be wonderful, but if the librarian has forgotten about it then it won’t be rotated to the top shelf for you to see. Search engines, like Google, are your websites librarian. If they don’t know you are there then your potential customer never will. You need an active website that reminds the search engines you exist with regular blogs and social media interaction. Not only is this kind of website wonderful at speaking to your customer about who you are, it’s producing search engine optimization. It’s reminding the search engines you are active and in doing so projecting you up for your potential customer to see.

In many areas like Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota and Bradenton, business are run by brilliant people who are extremely good at what they do but may be of a generation that will never keep up with the fast pace of technology. Or simply may be too busy to pay attention. They often feel the whole thing is magic mirrors that their business doesn’t need, but they do. When someone asks the online librarian for Gulf coast businesses – you want your business to be up there with or above the rest. That can only be achieved with search engine optimization.

So the next time you are being overwhelmed by a web designer and they mention fancy phrases like utilizing social media and search engine optimization, you can be confident they are offering you the after care you need. Choose them over the ones that will give you a sexy website and then walk away.

Web Design Lakewood Ranch – At Social Operator, we don’t build just websites for our Lakewood Ranch businesses, we build successful online businesses! Our Lakewood Ranch Web Design quality and prices offer the greatest value to your company.

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